The Adaptive Cycling Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that supplies and manufactures adapted bikes for injured service members and first responders, or Heroes. Heroes who cannot ride a normal bike due to mobility restrictions, limb loss, balance issues and any other restrictions caused by their injuries. This gives these Heroes a tool to help recover mentally and physically that they can use in their everyday lives and on events designed to support their recovery. We Create, We Adapt, We always have a solution and we Care. 

Founded in 2016 by non-profit Moro Cycling Inc. Est. 2006.

2018 Denmark Challenge

 In August of 2018, The Adaptive Cycling Foundation hosted Veterans from Denmark, Germany, Holland, Australia and the United States as well as an international team of support volunteers  to cycle 600 km through the Danish and German countryside. Most of the vets were wounded in Afghanistan, Iraq or Bosnia. Several suffered from Post Traumatic Stress. All bonded as brothers and sisters through the daily challenge and ultimate victory of cycling.  Watch the video and enjoy.


 The Denmark Challenge was created by the Danish Wounded Warriors in close coordination with the Adaptive Cycling Foundation and the governments of Denmark, Germany, and the United States. 

Josh Geddis receives his new custom handcycle

Josh receives his new bike from the Adaptive Cycling Foundation with the help of the Navy Seal Foundation.

Custom frame, paint, decals and integrated push bar and rear rollers.

Off to race the Virginia State Criterium Championship

Winner Winner! Josh wins the Virginia State Championships the day after receiving a new bike.

Thank You Josh, for your service to our Freedom and for allowing us to build and supply you with this custom bike to continue your journey on


Check out this great video about Greg Johnson.


If you are an active-duty, or Veteran member of the military with mobility issues, or know of someone that could benefit from our services please reach out to us. 



About Us

Special Needs Cyclist? OK, Cool!

Riding a bike is awesome right? 

 It's the ultimate freedom and Rehab for your mind and body,  

and, anyone can do it!  

Well, what if it is hard for you to ride a bike because of physical limitations?  



Simply by doing whatever needs to be done... No Limits! 

Whether it's a custom build from the ground up,  

adapting an existing bike to fit your needs,  

or ordering you a special bike from our partners  


ver 27 years experience in bicycle adapting and mechanics,  

13 years in Body Geometry fitting, and over  

10 years working with the injured Military community creating adaptive 

bikes for heroes,  there really isn't anything we can't do. 

As long as the charity can get it funded, we'll get you rolling

So reach out, take a chance!

Email or call, whatever takes your fancy and let us know about your situation.

  We don't want your money...("Huh?") We are a non profit with a purpose 

to use our gained skills to help get those who serve us and want to ride, 

be able to ride. Whether it is for mental or physical rehab, 

to participate in organized events and rides, 

or to just make the seemingly impossible possible, 

Click away and I'll give you a bit of an idea on how we may be able to help you. 

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO NOTHING?...NOTHING!                                       

So clickity-click-click!


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