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Welcome to The Adaptive Cycling Foundation Scroll down, click around!

Welcome to The Adaptive Cycling Foundation Scroll down, click around!Welcome to The Adaptive Cycling Foundation Scroll down, click around!

ACF Awarded Highest Recognition From GuideStar

Good news! The Adaptive Cycling Foundation has earned the Platinum GuideStar Seal Of Transparency


 We’re proud to use GuideStar Platinum to share our full and complete story with the world. To earn the Platinum level,  Moro Cycling Inc, dba-The Adaptive Cycling Foundation, added extensive information to its profile on GuideStar: in-depth financial information; qualitative information about goals, strategies and capabilities; and quantitative information about our results and progress toward our mission.

We encourage you to visit our profile on GuideStar to see how your investment makes an impact on Wounded, Ill and Injured Service Members and First Responders through Supplying, Inventing, and Creating Adaptive Cycling Solutions all around the world! Thank you for making this work possible.



Thae Adaptive Cycling Foundation has joined with QL+ to challenge collage Engineering students to design and make Adaptive Cycling Products for Wounded, Ill and Injured Service Members. See below to learn about the projects, and click the donate button to support these and other Adaptive Cycling projects for our Heroes.



The Adaptive Cycling Foundation and it's founder Scott Moro have been supplying bikes & parts as well as mentoring and working with talented engineering students at University of Dayton, along with QL+, on a voice-activated gear shifting system on a hand-cycle, specifically for retired veteran Sgt. Timothy Brown, and we are so proud to announce...IT WORKS!

This video of the first prototype from Dec 2018 has been on OPSEC hold until now and we are so excited to share the news.
Quite a lot has evolved with the system since then and in the coming semesters it will be refined, professionally packaged, and added to Tim’s bike. So stay tuned as soon you will witness some amazing inventions from the students, ACF and QL+ that can be used again and again for Injured Service Members.

To give support to this project, plus continuing and future projects please click this link Thank You!

Special thanks to Ryan Kronk, James Connair, Howard Evans, Matthew Huntington, Brian Ulinski, Haotian Liang and Amber Humphrey.


Engineering Students at UD have been challenged with designing, manufacturing and delivering Voice Activated Electronic Shifting on a handcycle for injured Hero Sgt. Tim Brown USMC (medically retired). The students have moved past the research phase and secured all the necessary equipment with the help of ACF, and are now designing and manufacturing the system. This will be a one of a kind shifting system bound to make cycling so much easier for a Hero that deserves nothing less.
Engineering students Ryan Kronk, Joe Esch, James Connair and Hoatian Liang are tackling this project with leadership and support from QL+'s  Midwest Region Program Manager Amber Humphrey, QL+'s Founder  Jon Monett, and Adaptive Cycling Foundation founder Scott Moro.

Tim on his custom handcycle

Tim Brown on his custom handcycle

Engineering students and supporters.

UD Engineering Students and supporters.


Learning how all this is going to work.

university of Cincinnati

Engineering Students at UC have been challenged with designing, manufacturing and delivering a better version of Scotty's Hydraulic Butt Brake system for injured service member Ashley Boyce U.S. Army (medically retired) and future Adaptive Cycling projects. Cant wait to see what these amazing students come up with for Ashley to make her cycling easier.


Older versions of the Butt Brake.


 Students meet to discuss the project. 

Veterans Ride the 2018 Denmark Challenge

In August of 2018, The Adaptive Cycling Foundation hosted Veterans from Denmark, Germany, Holland, Australia and the United States as well as an international team of support volunteers  to cycle 600 km through the Danish and German countryside. Most of the vets were wounded in Afghanistan, Iraq or Bosnia. Several suffered from Post Traumatic Stress. All bonded as brothers and sisters through the daily challenge and ultimate victory of cycling.  Watch the video and enjoy. 




ESAB, the worlds largest producer of standard welding equipment, consumables and automation equipment, as well as cutting machines and systems is supporting the Adaptive Cycling Foundation with a  Rebel EMP 215ic multi process welder, and we cannot thank them enough! This will allow us to weld a much bigger variety of materials with one machine, but no ordinary machine! This thing a beast. It is a true multi purpose welder that can do MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick and TIG. We cannot be more excited to be working with ESAB to offer more devirsity in how we can create adapted bikes for injured service members, first responders and the general special needs public. :)



MONSTER ENERGY have stepped up to support The Adaptive Cycling Foundation with a donation of some cool Monster Energy branded bikes. These go to kids of our Adaptive Cycling Hero recipients where needed.

Problem Solvers


Problem Solvers are a long time supporter of Adaptive Cycling and create many products to help you get what you need out of your bike, and help us get what we need from our adaptions.




Supporting the Adaptive Cycling foundation, a 501c3 non profit organization, makes it possible for one of a kind bikes to be made for one of a kind heroes who without a specially adapted bike could not enjoy the freedom of cycling

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